Crowd Justice

Frequently Asked Questions

We are happy to announce that we reached our target. We are extremely grateful to all who supported us. 

Where does my donation go?

 Funds are transferred weekly, direct to the campaign solicitors, Harrison Grant. The funds pay for the time of the solicitor, QC, Court fees and any expenses incurred (e.g. photocopying). The funds will also be used to cover any of the other side’s costs we  may be obliged to pay (which we have been advised, will very likely be capped at £5,000). 

What is a stretch target and why does it keep moving?  

Crowd Justice requires campaigns to set an initial target that reflects the funding requirements of the first stages of the legal procedure. Once this initial target is met, these first pledges are paid to the solicitors. If we are advised we have a case and decide to move forward, from then on ‘stretch targets’ are set to meet each next step of the legal costs. Sometimes legal cases, once initiated,  are settled out of court, this system prevents us from raising funds we wouldn’t need if that were to happen.

Why does the countdown keep changing?

The Crowd Justice countdown resets to 30 days by default. We will ask for it to be adjusted if funds are needed by a particular date as per the legal process.

What fees do Crowd Justice charge?

 Crowd Justice deduct approximately 6.3% from donations, this comprises a 3% administration fee plus card transaction fees.  This is not an extra charge on your card, it just means slightly less of what you donate goes to fund our case.  This is comparable to other fundraising sites.  


Why are Crowd Justice asking me for a 10% contribution to support access to justice? 

This is a Crowd Justice initiative, it is entirely voluntary and is separate from our campaign. When you enter your card details, you’re asked if you would like to make an additional donation. This donation goes towards help funding access to justice for other causes.  You can click on edit to change the additional donation to as much as you want, or zero.

Do the organisers have access to our personal details? 

The Crowd Justice platform is the recommended platform for raising funds in legal cases brought by a community. It is a secure and transparent site and takes care of all compliance issues. Non of the funds raised pass through our hands and we don’t have access to your card details, your email addresses or any other details.

Who oversees the fund? 

A volunteer from our group completes a fund reconciliation monthly. This is agreed with the solicitor and overseen by five residents.

What happens to excess funds? 

​Crowd Justice have a set policy for leftover funds, which are detailed in their terms and conditions. Refunds will depend on the total amount of donations that you have made.