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Update March 2022

2nd Judicial Review a step closer

Following a Judicial Review Hearing in April 21, Mrs Justice Lang ruled that the the decision by Lewisham to grant Planning Permission should be quashed.

Within 6 weeks, Lewisham underwent a tickbox exercise and brought the application back for approval.

Despite a huge public outcry and concern from local MP's and statutory consultants, the application was approved at a strategic planning meeting whose procedures were dubious and undemocratic. 

Following further legal advice, a member of The Friends of Mais House applied to the High Court for a second Judicial Review. 

High Court Justice, Sir Duncan Ouseley has issued an Order for a hearing on 9th June at which he will decide whether to grant permission and proceed straight to a Judicial Review,

A “rolled up” hearing.

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Nowhere Safe

50 London Parks and Green Spaces

Under Threat

The City of London Sydenham Hill Estate is one of many green spaces under threat from developers. “Urgent action is needed to address these growing threats." Alice Roberts CPRE


Here we go again!- Mais House Court Hearing Imminent

Latest press Release: 22nd February '22

A second Judicial Review into Lewisham Council’s controversial approval of a monster build on Sydenham Hill moves a step closer.


Our Small Community Green Spaces

62% of Londoners think protecting and enhancing green spaces should be a higher priority after the lockdown.

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Living in Green places is linked to longer life expectancy and better mental and physical health.

The London Green Spaces Comission Report


RIBA Architects say building demolitions cause of carbon emissions

Experts used to be proud to reduce emissions by replacing leaky old buildings with energy-efficient new ones.

Now the Royal Institute of British Architects says that was a mistake.

Instead, it says we should refurbish old buildings rather than scrap them, because of the pollution that would be involved in constructing a replacement building, otherwise known as embodied carbon.

Reporter: Roger Harrabin. Editing: Aisha Doherty. Published 09/07/20


Should We Be Demolishing Buildings?

How enviromentally friendly is it to demolish buildings? Can we not refurbish those we have?


The Rewilding of London

Sydenham Hill is mentioned in this Guardian Article

Khan said: “The UK is one of the most nature-depleted countries in the world. In London, we need to take bold action to ensure we not only halt the decline of biodiversity in our natural environment but pave the way for growth and change.